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My Story So Far...

My experience began in high school wood shop where I recieved a C in turning from a  teacher who seemed to  think my woodworking skills would never amount to anything. Many years later   in 1997 I inherited my Grandfather's 1950s Craftsman lathe. As a senior Mason, he was known for the gavels he made for his local Masonic Lodge.

I started learning with small items to get a feel for the lathe and found I enjoyed making pens as gifts for my family. Pleased with their items and the compliments they received,  they encouraged me to sell my work to others.

I invested in a smaller lathe that was much more manageable for making pens and continued to practice  to fine tune my skills and turning style. About 20 years after starting on that huge, old lathe, I decided I was ready for my first show.  I sold only two items during the entire weekend. Somewhat discouraged, but not going to give up, I applied for another show. This one was a far better experience with many sales and people showing interest. Now I have many shows under my belt, large and small, indoors and out,  as part of sci-fi conventions,  fine art shows (including Ann Arbor Art Fair twice), festivals, and small local craft fairs. Pictures from some of these are here: 

I've found I love talking to folks at  shows, demonstrating my products, and helping them find the right piece for them or for a special gift. I am honored that many  of my pens now have new homes in Italy, Japan, China, Thailand, England, Canada, and across the U.S. Some orders I've made many pieces for weddings or corporate gifts, including the Michigan Governer's Office of Foundation. Browse some of the items I've made here:

I've expanded my turning to include  salt & peppermills, large pizza wheels, shaving brushes & razors, seam rippers for sewing, old-style toys, and more. 

Working in woods, acrylics, stone composites, and other materials, I’m striving to gain more skill to create lathe–turned art that can be used and appreciated on a daily basis; small pieces of pleasing and practical aesthetics to brighten everyday tasks.

Thank you for learning about my adventure!

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